enavle is highly recommended for Webinar / Virtual Events given the current COVID-19 situation
enavle for Webinar / Virtual Events
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Problem we solve

For Organiser

In early 2020, COVID-19 changed the event industry completely. A pandemic became the another risk factor for organising events /participating exhibitions, in addition to the disaster. Under this circamstance, Event organizer cannot organise a real event. And they are struggling to get sponsor for their webinar because it is not common to become a sponsor for webinar.

For Event Sponsors

Event sponsors cannot get new sales leads from events now. Even if they try to held their own webinar, it is not easy for them to organise without any experience,knowledge, and new leads cannot be expected so much.

For Event Attendees

For the event attendees, they can join the webinar, but they cannot communicate with other attendees like real event. Also they cannot see the sponsor/exhibitior's products.

Our solution

Virtual Event
Sponsorship Platform

We are providing the virtual event platform for webinar organiser and its sponsors and guests. Our solution will solve those issues.

By using the latest web technology, we provide virtual event platform for them. We redefine the webinar website as the virtual sponsorship & exhibition space. Webinar sponsorship ROI can be seen easily. So it will get easier for event organisers to get sponsors for their webinars.

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What can you do with enavle?

  • Create custom design Webinar page with Sponsor logos.

  • Livestreaming such as Zoom, Youtube, V-CUBE video can be embeded on the webinar page easily.

  • Sponsor logo/sponsor detail/product info can be uploaded on the admin panel.

  • Sponsor can get the engagement tracking data of users. (Who click the logo, how many times)

  • During the webinar, event organiser can show the sponsor’s advertisement video/images for attendees, like TV Ads.

  • Event attendees can see the event information, organiser information, sponsor information, programme etc on the side menu, while watching webinar.

  • Event attendees can send some requests to sponsors like "Request for meeting".

  • Event organiser and sponsors can get the attendees’ behaviour analytics like clicking.

  • Sponsor can get the sales leads of those who show the interest in their company’s products & services.


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Easily customisable webinar, layout design and structure based on your event theme and requirements

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Easily integrate with 3rd party web conference applications like Zoom, Youtube, V-CUBE live streaming

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Grant or restrict access to the attendees for the webinar page with custom unique links for each individual

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Real-time information can be updated like moving news ticker messages to keep viewers informed

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Broadcast and schedule sponsor advertisements (eg. Videos/Images) at specific timings during the webinar

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Customisable sidebar to display details like your event, organiser, sponsor and speakers information

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Guest actions and movements on the webinar can be captured easily and viewed in admin panel

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Attendees and sponsors can use the Request for Meeting button to setup a meeting within the webinar

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Admin panel for lead collection that displays important information like turn out rate and amount of engagement

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enavle Platform Guide

[1] Webinar Title

Preferred webinar event title can be set and displayed here

[2] Custom Ticker Message

Customisable ticker message to inform viewers of key information like activities lined up etc.

[3] Shortcuts Icons

User profile information and side bar menu for additional information of event

[4] Sponsors & Partners

Customisable multi-tier sponsors with flexibility of grouping eg. Platinum, Gold, Silver sponsors

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Organizer:Singapore University of Technology and Design

Event Type : Online Conference

Feedback: It was the most important event of the year for us and our first online event, and thanks to enavle it went smoothly without any complaints. Our sponsors and many participants were impressed with the platform and the positive response. We hope to use it again next year.

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