Event Onsite Check-in & Badge Printing

Event Onsite Check-in & Custom Badge Printing

Professional online-based event onsite registration software targeted towards small to large scale events. Event organisers can utilize our platform to manage QR-code based onsite registration, custom badge printing, and gather real-time onsite attendance statistics thus enabling them to effectively manage the event on the event day and save man power costs.

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One Stop Onsite Registration

enavle's Onsite Registration tool allows you to streamline event check-ins and instant badge issuance. Benefit from our rapid QR code scanning for smooth attendee entries and utilize the immediate badge printing for polished identification. Harness live data insights to monitor attendance and adapt on-the-spot, ensuring event success. Optimize your onsite procedures with enavle.

Common Problems with Onsite Registration

Onsite registration is a crucial part of any event. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Here are some common problems with onsite registration:

Manual check-ins leading to long queues and attendee frustration.

Difficulties in badge printing, often leading to errors or delays, and costing you time and money.

Lack of real-time data on attendees, affecting event management.

Inefficiencies in handling unexpected walk-in attendees.

Our Solution

Why Choose enavle for Onsite Event Management?
enavle's Onsite Registration solution transforms the onsite event experience, enabling organizers to

Quick Check-ins

Swiftly register and check in attendees using QR code scanning.

Customizable Badge Printing

Instantly print professional-looking badges.

Real-time Data

Monitor real-time data on attendees, improving event logistics and management.

Walk-in Registration

Efficiently accommodate unexpected walk-in guests.

Self Check-in Kiosk

Enable attendees to check in themselves with tablet kiosks.

Attendee Tracking on Check-in Point

Track attendee movement on check-in point and get tracking data on attendee movement.

Suitable for all types of business events

enavle's Onsite Registration is suitable for all types of business events, including:

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Check-in Efficiency

Streamlined Check-ins with QR Scanning

Reduce queues and elevate attendee satisfaction with quick QR code scanning for check-ins. enavle's system ensures swift entry, even during peak times, making the event start smoother for everyone.

Badge Printing

Professional and Quick Badge Printing

With enavle's Onsite Registration, print badges instantly upon check-in. Enhance the professional image of your event and offer attendees a seamless start to their event experience.

Data Analytics

Real-Time Insights with Data Analytics.

With enavle's robust analytics, get real-time insights into attendee behavior, check-in patterns, and more. Use this data to make informed decisions during and after the event.

Handling Walk-ins

Be Prepared for Every Eventuality

With enavle, efficiently handle unexpected walk-in attendees. Register them on the spot and provide them with instantly printed badges, ensuring they too get a seamless event experience.

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Easy Contact List Upload

Streamline your event preparations by effortlessly uploading your contact list.

Simple Upload Process: Easily upload your attendee contact list onto our platform.
Holistic Management: Once uploaded, enavle handles everything - from check-in processes, attendee communication and data analytics to sending out QR for onsite check in.

How it Works?

enavle is a platform that helps you manage attendees smoothly, improve sponsor and participant satisfaction, and increase the value of your event.

1. Signup/Login and Choose Your Plan

Sign up or log in to enavle. Once in, you'll be prompted to choose a plan that fits your event's scale. Various plans offer different features tailored to your needs.

2. Quick Event Setup

Input your event's basic details and customize its design in the dashboard. enavle offers flexibility in setting up tickets, registration forms, and confirmation emails.

3. Registration & Ticketing

Set up online payments through Stripe or PayPal. Customize your registration form to collect essential information from attendees.

4. Manage Your Event

Use the dashboard to track real-time analytics like ticket sales and attendee engagement. Send updates to attendees via enavle's email blasting feature

5. Day of the Event

For on-site events, use QR code scanning and badge printing for efficient check-ins. For virtual events, features like multi-track streaming keep your audience engaged.

6. Post-Event Analysis

After the event, access detailed reports on your dashboard to evaluate its success. Use this data for future event planning.

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enavle is a platform that helps you manage attendees smoothly, improve sponsor and participant satisfaction, and increase the value of your event.

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